I like to keep things pretty transparent.

Someone decided at some point that all us wedding vendors should force people into phone calls to get pricing information. What the heck is that? I know you're busy people who ain't got time for that in this crazy world, so all my pricing stuff is below. 

I also would never dream of telling you that you can't have 8 hours of photography without an album, or that you have to get a second person to tag along if you don't need it.

All of my weddings have 100% custom packages that work just right for them.

You can play around with my package builder below to get a sense of my pricing. But, I LOVE chatting to you about it as well. Together we can work out how best to balance your priorities, your budget, and your wedding day timing so you can have your cake and eat it too. 

If that all sounds good, scroll down to build your own wedding collection!

Denver Wedding Photographer Kate Merrill

Build It!

  • All collections with at least three hours of coverage include: a complimentary engagement session, an online gallery of edited images delivered within three weeks, and a digital download of all your high res images. One or two hour packages include an online gallery and a digital download.

  • I'm a huge believer in printing your photos, but also know it's tough to decide how you want to show off your photos until you've seen the final product. So, if you know you want prints, you can add some credit now (for a slightly discounted price) and use it after the wedding.

  • I require a 30% retainer fee and signed agreement to finalize your wedding booking. Here's how the numbers break down for your collection...

  • Should be Empty:

Did you put together something you like that fits in your budget! Awesome :) Click below to tell me all about it. Don’t even know where to start—I can help with that too!