Val + Larry's glamourous wedding at the Hotel Colorado

So I walked up to Val and Larry’s ceremony site at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood springs before I even realized it was theirs (I was early and scoping out some locations for portraits). I started taking photos of all these incredible succulents just because they were stunning and I wanted to show them to my husband for our own garden inspiration! When I went into Val’s getting ready suite, I asked where their ceremony site was, and turns out she’d been working on growing all these beauties for almost a year so that they could have them at their wedding. I died on the spot!!


Of course, the Hotel Colorado has gorgeous architecture everywhere, but I was still in awe when I walked into Val’s getting ready room. I felt just like her maid of honor does in this photo when she first saw Val in her dress. These two have an amazing friendship and she has traveled with Val and Larry on a ton of their desert road trips and shenanigans. She was even there when Val and Larry met me in Moab for their engagement session.


I love this just-before-she-walked-down-the-aisle moment with Val. The light hitting her face and her serene expression are just stunning and I keep coming back to this photo. I always have a ton of back and forth with couples about whether or not to do a first look, and I think this wedding is one of the few where I’m super glad they didn’t do one. It doesn’t hurt that these two are totally bananas for each other and have an incredible relationship, but Larry’s authentic reaction and Val’s serene joy were amazing to witness!!


Oh, how I love a building with amazing architecture like the Hotel Colorado to play around with. I’ve been obsessed with aerial shots for years and FINALLY got to work at a venue with a ridiculously tall tower and a couple that trusted my vision to capture something really magical.

The irises being in full bloom, Val’s lacy veil, and fun twisty staircases made this one of my favorite portrait sets ever!! The way Val and Larry just put full creative trust in my hands was super inspiring, and getting to create these for them was so so so special.


I know I’ve waxed poetic about the gorgeousness of the Hotel Colorado, but come on! Do you see this reception space?? I am art deco obsessed, and the vibes of this room had me giddy with joy. Also, you can’t beat the fact that this room got stunning window light right until the sun went down. All their formal dances (if you can call them that) were a perfect blend of who Val and Larry are: a few moments of elegant planned dance moves, followed by some goofy break-it-down moments. Val had some super fun moments dancing with her parents and her adorable maid of honor Steph.


As I was leaving, these two again showed their true colors and were insisting on sending me home with leftover food, succulent plants, and SO many hugs. They are some of the most wonderful souls and sharing this day with them (as well as hitting Canyonlands with them in Utah) was so frickin special. I’m crying again while I’m writing this, hahahaha.

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Kate is the absolute best!! She traveled from Denver to Canyonlands National Park, hiked in the Needles District, and took our engagement photos. Then traveled from Denver to Glenwood Springs for the wedding. The photos from the engagement session and wedding are stunning, professional, sensitive, and playful!!! Check our her website and look for our photos with seriously awesome red rocks. I cannot recommend her more highly—the best choice you can make for a wedding photographer!!
— Val + Larry