Top 5 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Denver and Boulder

As a dog lover who adores going for a hike and then sitting on a brewery patio for the afternoon, I love keeping a list of my favorite breweries that will let me bring the puppies with to bask in the sunshine after a good workout. Today, I want to share my favorite dog-friendly breweries with you! I hope you can find a good patio to crash at with your pup after reading it. 

#1 Liquid Mechanics


I have to start the list with my local digs... I can walk from my house to this brewery, and it has some of my favorite beers! Lafayette may be off the beaten track for you unless you live close by, but it is worth a visit if you're ever in the area. One of my favorite beers of all time is their Peanut Butter Porter, and they never disappoint if you want something unique and different (chili watermelon kolsch anyone?). 

Dogs Allowed: Everywhere!


#2 Ratio Beerworks

RiNo Area, Denver, Colorado

Ratio has some of the best "vibes" of any brewery I've been to. During the summer the whole thing is open thanks to the moving garage doors, and their patio has a ton of seats, games, and puppies. RiNo makes for some great people watching, and of course the beer is fantastic. If you go hungry, don't worry! There are always food trucks parked up and down the street with all kinds of food options. 

Dogs Allowed: On the patio only


#3 Denver Beer Co.

Platte/LoHi Area, Denver, Colorado

This spot is just a few steps away from my office at Bliss in LoHi and I love going there after a day of work. I often take one or more of the pups down to the office with me, so I love going somewhere that I can bring them along. Not to mention, Denver Beer Co. makes some of my all time favorite beers. Their Graham Cracker Porter, their pumpkin beer in the fall, and Princess Yum Yum are all in my top 10 list! 

Dogs Allowed: On the patio only


#4 Avery Brewing

Boulder/Gunbarrel, Colorado

Avery is one of my favorite post-hike spots as its super close to most of the areas that we go out to over the weekend, and on my way home too! They have some of the most outrageously strong beers I've ever had, so if you want the best bang for your buck, Avery is a great choice. Their Chai High and Ellie's Brown Ale are both amazing (if you like brownish beers like me). 

Dogs Allowed: On the patio only


#5 Four Noses Brewery

Broomfield, Colorado

I have to include this one because IT'S IN THE NAME. These guys LIVE for their furry visitors and will always come and say hi to all the pups in their brewery. They may be as into dogs as me... and that's saying a lot! The beer is solid, and the patio is nice and big with a couple patios. 

Honorable Mentions...

I filled up my five spots too fast!! Here are some other dog-friendly breweries that didn't make my top 5, but are amazing nevertheless!