Tessa + Jordon | Boulder Engagement Photographer

From the second these two showed up, I knew that they were going to be a couple that fit me PERFECTLY. One of the reasons I knew? Jordon super sweetly asked if he could maybe, possibly, bring a beer down the trail to help him loosen up a bit. I think you guys can guess my answer... it was a resounding YES! I'm glad he did because a slightly loosened up Jordon meant tons of snuggles, goofs, and sweet kisses for Tessa. These two are so natural and at ease with each other it is impossible to think of anything that could separate them. I'm glad that we chose a Boulder trailhead for their engagement photos because they MIGHT be doing a destination wedding in Mexico. But, they love Colorado so even if they decide to run off to Mexico with their closest friends, they'll have a bit of their home state with them. 

I was thrilled with the attitude these two are taking towards their wedding... Jordon notably said, "If they haven't been someone who was there for me at some point, I don't want them there." I think it perfectly captured how important their close friends and family are to them and how they want their day to be intimate. Only shared with those closest to them.  I loved how passionate they both were about planning the day and how important it is to them that the day is genuine, real, and fun!

Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think in the comments!

<3 Kate