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album spotlight: the espresso shot

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The espresso shot is the smallest and most budget-friendly wedding album that I offer. While in a perfect world, I want all of my couples to get a gorgeous leather bound coffee table book, I know it's not always in the cards. That said, I LOVE this album as an engagement session book. The fact that the pages aren't photo paper like some of the higher end albums means that it works great as a guest book for your wedding with some of your favorite photos printed alongside lines for your friends and family to leave you a note! 

Take a peek at the detailed photos below! Even though the pages are thin, you still get the huge bonus of a layflat center seam. That means there's no risk of a photo getting cut off when it overlaps the middle of the book. The cover is the same thickness as the other pages, so it feels more like a paperback novel or thick art magazine than a hardcover book. I like the feel of it though. The paper is smooth, thick, and the photos print on it marvelously. 

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Thanks for checking out this album! Let me know if you have questions about it, and click here if you want to reach out and order one for your engagement or wedding photos!