New Things!! Dogs + USB Drives

So this is a bit of an eclectic post, but it's what's really going on in my life this week! It's starting to feel like spring in Colorado, and that in my experience brings about changes and new things. The first one is our new rescue pup, Obi Wan! This guy is seriously the perfect dog. Super mellow, chill and friendly in new places with new people, and is a big fan of our two dogs, Luke and Leia. They're still working out how they feel about him, but I know he's going to be the best little brother ever. He spends most of his day curled up snoozing in a little donut shape, and the rest of the day obsessing over food. It's okay for now because he needs to pack on a few pounds! 

Here's our sweet Obi! 

Here's our sweet Obi! 

The other exciting new thing that I got this week: samples from a new USB supplier! I am over the moon about these beauties. I hadn't found one anywhere that I really felt confident offering my couples. Either they looked just like everyone elses, or they were so unique you couldn't even use them as a flash drive! These are a perfect middle ground and I think fit me perfectly. The gorgeous maroon wood shines when the light hits it, and USB Memory Direct did such a great job printing my logo on them. My husband mentioned he loved the way the magnets keep the top closed so you don't lose the cap if you have it in a drawer somewhere. They offer a ton of wholesale drives, so check 'em out if you ever need one. 

I'm now going to offer these beauties to all my rad couples if they want a more tangible way to hang on to their photos! If you want to add one, just shoot me an email! 


Keep an eye on my Instagram for more updates from the dog pack! They even have their own instagram you can follow too...@LukeandLeiaPitties. I guess I'll have to figure out how to add Obi into the handle now! Leave your name suggestions in the comments!