Nelia + Daniell // Denver LGBTQ Engagement Photos

I loved walking around one of my favorite neighborhoods in Denver for Nelia and Daniell’s engagement photos. I adore Platte and Confluence Park and I think it’s so underused as a photo location! You get amazing views of the city, wall murals, interesting architecture, and a clean view of the sunset if you get lucky with some pretty clouds. I know us Coloradoans are all obsessed with mountains and stuff, but I am really ga ga over these Denver engagement photos.

Nelia + Daniell are such special people, as well. They are so joyful with one another and made me feel loved within the first 3 seconds we were talking. I recently met up with the two of them and their wedding planner to talk final details for their wedding day, and Daniell pulled me aside to tell me just how much they loved these photos and how excited she is that we all get to work together. She also mentioned that her favorite photo was the one where we caught their dog taking a little squat instead of posing. Nelia’s face is absolutely priceless! Don’t worry, I included it below. I feel so honored that these two are trusting me with capturing their amazing wedding day!


Hit me up if you want to take some unique and gorgeous wedding or engagement photos in Confluence Park! Thanks for looking through all of these :)