Montclair Civic Center Wedding | Felise + Adam | Fun, Intimate & DIY

Despite my having little to no interaction with Felise and Adam before their wedding day, they turned out to be one of my favorite couples of 2016! It's pretty unusual for me to not meet with and chat with my couples extensively beforehand, but in Felise's case, she knew what she wanted, what her budget was, and booked with me over email *gasp.* If it was anyone else, I would have been worried but they were a comforting combo of relaxed and confident that made me think it would turn out well! Of course, it did! Montclair Civic Center was actually one of the venues that my hubby and I considered for our wedding too and I've thought it was adorable since then! I'm super happy that I got the chance to take photos there not long after our own wedding. 

The first time I saw Felise was when she walked down the aisle towards Adam, and I was just as blown away as he was. Her fun yellow shoes were super adorable with her short fun dress but it was the smile on her face that truly stood out. I have found a common streak between my favorite clients... they love each other SO much. So fully, with so much trust, and a kind of committed real-ness that is so different from a first crush, or a relationship still in the butterfly stage. It's pure magic to witness and part of why I still love doing this after 200 weddings! 

The reception was such a hoot. It was proof to me that you don't have to spend $10k on your wedding to have a good time when you are as genuine as Felise and Adam. After seeing the rest of their day pan out, I started to realize that photography had been a huge priority to them! We got some Cosmos pizza delivered, a few kegs of beer, and some Costco sheet cakes. Definitely the making of a good party. Soon after the pizza was washed down with some good beers, they started pumping the music and getting the fog machine going! Appaaaaarently... one is supposed to get a permit before using a fog machine in a venue like the Montclair Civic Center. We thought the firemen were joining the party at first, but turns out they were actually pretty grumpy about the number of phone calls they had been receiving about the "smoke coming out of the building." Woops! Adding that to my list of things to mention to couples when they're wedding planning!

Enjoy the photos! 

<3 Kate