Maisie + Danny // B Lazy 2 Ranch Wedding

Maisie and Danny are two wonderful genuine souls that are surrounded by amazingly loyal ski friends, family, and so much love! During most of their wedding planning, Maisie was in Sri Lanka working there. She helps people in the toughest situations for a living and is so inspirational! I met up with them for cocktails a few weeks before the wedding to talk through details and had so much fun. Danny often goes out to fine cocktail establishments in RiNo after his work days in Denver and showed me a new place I definitely have to frequent. Rooftop patio, anyone?? I learned exactly how much they adore their dog Claus, and we planned out how to get the most photos of him possible during their first look. We all know it was just for his benefit ;) He is a bundle of rambunctiousness but so so so sweet and smart as a tack! He reminded me a lot of my dog Leia as he slid across the tile floor to greet me when I arrived at the condo.

One of the bridesmaids (and the bride’s sisters) designed all the flowers, and can we just say WOW!? I mean, that is the epitome of classy as heck DIY work. I tried to make my own flowers too, and they looked nowhere near as good as these. I loved the fall color palette for them, and of course the perfect changing leaves aspens just added to that. They also made the coolest ceremony backdrop to hang behind them as they were saying their “I do’s.” I love it when couples and friends work so hard to make the wedding perfect. You can feel all the love and the little details mean so much more. Speaking of which, the officiant was a good friend of theirs and he had me alternating between laughing and crying the whole time. It was absolutely brilliant and one of the most wonderful ceremonies I have seen. Thank goodness for Colorado and my couples being able to get married just how they want to.



Venue: B Lazy 2 Ranch

Planner: Mariah with Details Details

Florist: DIY

Dinner: Smokehouse BBQ

Dessert: Voodoo Doughnut

DJ: Touch of Grey Entertainment

Thanks for reading and I hope you have the greatest admiration for Maisie + Danny’s dance moves! Use the button below if you’d like to reach out to me about your wedding :)