Mallory + Jake | Lionsgate Event Center Wedding

This week I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from a pretty rad wedding last year at the Lionsgate Event Center. I loved Mallory + Jake SO much, and their wedding was such a blast. Their wedding party had the best attitude ever and were up for all kinds of fun. Check out how good those groomsmen look with the bridesmaids bouquet on the front steps of the Gatehouse. Their pastel mint and pink color scheme was super fresh and a breath of air during the middle of the summer when most people have saturated bright color schemes. 

I love that Mallory and Jake's personalities are both super vibrant and very different. She went for a gorgeous poofy ballgown and he spiked his 8 inch mohawk straight up in the air. Their whole wedding day was a fun adventure of juxtaposition seeing their two styles come together, mesh, and contrast. 


They both have an amazing sense of humor as well. Their sweet, more serious moments would only last a split second before they both burst into giggles. Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with all of the vine covered walls at the Lionsgate Event Center... well if I haven't I am now!! The greenery there in the summer is just heaven, and is such a stunning complement to the vintage style of the rest of the property. 


It's a bit of an unusual location, and is only for the bravest couples (its full of prickly's and goat heads) but the field out behind the Gatehouse is one of the best places to catch a sunset at Lionsgate. Mallory and Jake got lucky with some cotton candy colored skies lighting up during the evening, and we caught it just right to get some glow in their photos. 



Venue: Lionsgate Event Center