Lost Gulch Engagement Photos | Bailey + Brandon

Okay... awkward confession time: When we were supposed to meet at the Lost Gulch trailhead, we both sat at opposite sides of the parking lot waiting for the other to arrive. I watched probably 10 couples come and go with other photographers, but didn't see them! Cell service was crap, so we couldn't call each other! Just goes to show, not everything works out perfectly and sometimes meeting strangers in parking lots can go awry. Fortunately... the rest of the session did go perfectly. Bailey and Brandon were an absolute delight. They embraced the rock scrambling and climbing that we needed to do to get these amazing views (and Bailey did it in 4 inch heels) and couldn't stop giggling with each other the whole time! Really. I tried to get one serious photo and they cracked up while they were doing it. That's why I never get stuck trying to get a couple to be something that they're not! Who would want to force these two to gaze seriously at one another when it's just not who they are at all :)