Mariah + Ashley | LGBT Boulder Engagement Photos

I can't express in words how massive my smile was when Mariah and Ashley opened their truck and I saw their cute puppy's faces!!! They were absolute sweethearts, and I felt TERRIBLE that the gorgeous bath/hairbrushing that the golden went through right before they met up with me was ruined the minute she saw the water. Fortunately, Mariah and Ashley embraced it and just went right in the mud and water with her.... and got into a mud fight. It was the best! 

I love working with LGBT couples for their engagement and wedding photos! It's makes me feel that what I do is truly unique because I don't change anything about the way I pose or shoot based on the make-up of the couple. I have worked so hard to get to the point where people are doing their own posing, and I never force them to do something that is not how they normally interact. That said, it's never awkward or uncomfortable either!

I see posts on photography groups all the time saying things like "I have an LGBT couple this weekend... how do I translate my guy/girl poses so that they work for this couple." The answer that makes me FURIOUS (even more than the question itself), but that someone ALWAYS says is "choose one person to be the 'guy' and use the same poses." Like... WHAT?? Yes, it is totally my job as the photographer to assign a gender role to people so that my stuffy awkward photos still look good...NOT. Deep breaths, Kate. To say it while trying to not get super angry about people...why would you want to work with someone who doesn't know how to capture who you are and doesn't respect your relationship as something unique and beautiful that deserves to have the space to shine. That goes for ANY couple. 

And with that...I'm cutting myself off because I can't write responsibly anymore. I hope you love the photos from this LGBT Boulder engagement session as much as I do.

And I hope you love seeing Ashley + Mariah's love for each other documented with love, honesty, and authenticity.