Chelsie + Mike | Lone Hawk Farm Wedding

Chelsie and Mike's Lone Hawk Farm wedding started off with a bit of uncertainty. They were planning an outdoor ceremony and Colorado, as fickle as ever, couldn't decide if it wanted to shine or pour. Weather was looking promising so they decided to go for it and sure enough, the clouds let go as soon as the ceremony started and it didn't let up again until after the first kiss. 

But it was still perfect, because they laughed and smiled as they exchanged their vows, and their families and friends stayed and watched. Then as soon as their ceremony was over, the sun popped out and delivered one of the prettiest rainbows I've ever seen. 

After their couple's session, they relaxed together, played together and celebrated their wedding like ever couple should. Laughing and giggling with their friends and family. I think it's safe to say that everyone had a great time.

My favorite part of their wedding was that they included their lab mix, Bear, as their ring bearer. She was so well behaved and excited to see everyone. I definitely spent a few minutes making sure she knew that she was a very good dog.

I also loved their wine bottles that they used as their seating chart, and the beer barrel lid that doubled as their signing book. Chelsie wanted to include wedding decorations that she could use as decor in their new home, and I think that's pretty awesome. The rainbow and sunset were also definite highlights, but I'll let those photos speak for themselves. 

chelsie + mike's lone hawk farm wedding


chelsie + mike's wedding vendors: 

Venue: Lone Hawk Farm

Wedding Photographer: Kate Merrill Photo

Hair and Make Up: KimJ Beauty

Flowers: Sturtz & Copeland

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