Best of 2018 LGBTQ Weddings // Denver LGBTQ Wedding Photographer

Inclusion and love of ALL people is a philosophy that I am proud to have in my business. As a bisexual woman married to a man, I have it easier than fellow members of my community because I’m straight/hetero “passing.” Sometimes, that makes me feel like I have even more of a responsibility to be vocal and loving of all types of relationships and marriages. Well, here we are. I’m showing my LGBTQ couples from the last year all the loves. I’m truly honored that so many LGBTQ couples let down the walls and had fun in front of the camera. We created some incredible images together!

These two incredible women wanted their portraits to be full of fun and creativity! Porta Power and the RiNo murals made for an incredible backdrop for their photos. But, the reason I love them the most is all the smiles, laughs and goofiness these two have in their relationship. It is truly special to be around!


I bonded with these incredible women right off the bat. They are recent (ish) immigrants from Scotland and Ireland, with both their families traveling thousands of miles to come and celebrate with them. I was born in the UK and most of my family still lives there. It was amazing to work with these two cracking dry and witty jokes to keep it light. They get me in a way that few people do, and I had so much fun hanging with all the “uncles” aka the guys wearing kilts.


Oh, this shoot! I have another post that features these images since they were published, but I had to include them here as well. I am obsessed with the huge sprays of flowers that these amazing ladies had for their wedding, and the gorgeous lace gown was one of my favorite dresses all year! It was so unique and fit their style so perfectly. Plus, you all know how I feel about dogs at this point ;)


This wedding day had me sobbing from start to end. There is something about a same-sex wedding—people have been through so much to be standing where they are, and had to travel a road of self discovery that many of us have the privilege to ignore. When the families of these couples come together, it’s with a totally different kind of support. A support that says “we see you for everything you are and love you for it.” They sobbed their whole way through the ceremony, and as an empathetic crier I was lost right from the beginning. I loved taking their photos over in Roxborough Park with these amazing puffy clouds in the background!


This lifestyle session brings me SO much joy. I absolutely love documenting LGBT couples in their homes with their pets! It’s a very intimate window into the day-to-day life of a couple, and the photos are so much more meaningful because of it. Don’t get me wrong, making sure every room of your house can be photographed in is a pain in the butt, but if you get to jump on the bed with your partner isn’t it worth it??


Thanks for reading, and if you’re looking for a Denver LGBTQ wedding photographer I hope you will consider me. It is such an honor to be part of unique and authentic celebrations. I treasure every moment from them. Hit the button below if you want to chat!