Alex + Jess // Planet Bluegrass Wedding in Lyons, Colorado

From the first time I chatted to Alex on the phone, I knew that we were going to make an amazing team working together for their wedding. At that point, their vision was to make their wedding feel like a music festival and I loved that sentiment so much. They chose Planet Bluegrass in Lyons because of the concert venue vibe as well as the obvious stunning views and the river running through the grounds. It's one of my favorite venues and I have been dying to go back since my first wedding there a few years ago. 

I got to know Alex and Jess better as a couple for their snowy engagement session on the top of Loveland Pass. They love their winter adventures on the ski slopes together, so getting some gorgeous high alpine snowy views was perfect for them! I got to see what troopers they are when we had to brave snow drifts, freezing wind, and ominous storms rolling in around us during the session. I also loved how supportive they both were of each other, both always checking in with the other between slips and slides across the snow. From then on, I knew they were a fearless team who have amazing communication, so much deep love for each other, and who passionately work to make their relationship stronger every day. They are a great example of what a modern relationship should be. Despite Disney movies teaching us women the "damsel in distress" narrative and that "prince charming" will come and save us and we better fall in love with that guy and ask for nothing... a successful love is work, commitment, communication, and requires both sides to be all in. I have no doubt these two will grow old together, and stay just as fiercely in love. 

When I arrived at Planet Bluegrass for the wedding, I fell head over heels in love with all of Jess' details. Everything from the flowers, the jewelry, to the shoes was perfection and fit their vision to a T. I joked with my second shooter that I got way more into detail photos than I normally do because I loved their style so much! 


Alex didn't disappoint either, his had this gorgeous custom suit that was the most amazing shade of deep turquoise blue and was an amazing raw silk texture. His tie topped off the whole look, and was gorgeous in contrast to the warm wood tones in all of Planet Bluegrass' buildings. 


They wanted to do a first look, and I am so glad they did. Giving these to the time and space to check in with each other, and take a moment to appreciate all that was happening to them was absolutely magical. We also got all of their photos done beforehand so that after the ceremony they could just be present with their guests (something that was hugely important to both of them). A huge rain storm blew within a quarter mile of us, but we got sparkling sunshine for the ceremony and their stunning outdoor farm-style family dinner. It was some of the best smoked chicken I have ever eaten. Upon interrogating the head chef, apparently the secret is a 24-hour brine! 


During their toasts, I heard my sentiments about what an amazing relationship these two have echoed by their friends and family. Everyone remarked on what amazing communication and strength they both have as people, as well as how head-over-heels they both were for each other after they met. They are really such an inspiration! 


In keeping with the "music festival" vibe, Alex and Jess had a live band (Funkiphino) play for their reception. Everyone was tearing up the dance floor of the Planet Bluegrass reception pavilion, and my guess is they kept it going until late into the evening. I left them dancing together with a group of their closest friends and knew they were going to have an incredible end to their wedding! If there's anything to takeaway from Alex + Jess's story, it's this: communicate with love and don't be afraid to ask for what you need. 


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Venue: Planet Bluegrass

Planning: Brindle & Oak

Flowers: Farmette Flowers

Catering: Farm & Smoke

Band: Funkiphino