//Advice// The 5 Best Denver Wedding Venues!

So you want to plan a fun, urban, edgy wedding in Denver... but don't know where to start? I've put together my favorites and some information for you! As much as I adore the mountains... I usually prefer the "urban" venues over many of the "rustic" places in the foothills and near the ski resorts in the mountains.  

One of my favorite weddings of all time was a couple who did their wedding at Moss Denver, then wanted to drive up to Lookout Mountain for their portraits together and all their wedding party photos. Yes, it took a little more time than doing their photos close to the venue but it was so worth it to capture the "best of both worlds" for them! 

That's a nice segue into... drumroll please... my favorite Denver Wedding Venue:

  1. Moss Denver
  • The Basics: It's located at the very south end of the Santa Fe Arts District. They advertise a max of 200 seated guests for dinner and the ceremony on their website. They have furniture for all your reception and ceremony needs, as well as a full kitchen to make it easy on the catering staff.
  • Pros: Amazing window light during the day (and the ceremony), exposed brick walls with a ton of character, two HUGE rooms to use for either your ceremony, reception hour, or cocktail hour, and an amazing coordination staff. Orchid Princess Floral is also housed there and knows how to decorate the space like a boss! The tables and chairs they had on site fit the venue style to a T... so you don't have to worry about adding in a furniture rental company if your guest count fits within what they offer. The bridal suite is also real cute and it's nice to have a dedicated space to dump your stuff in if needed! 
  • Cons: It does require a room flip or for cocktail hour to happen in the ceremony space since it doesn't have a third space dedicated for cocktail hour. There's also no outside ceremony space. Neither of these is reeeaaaally a con, as the staff can flip the rooms really quickly and not everyone needs to get married outside despite our gorgeous summer weather, they're just things to be aware of as you start planning.

2. Metlo on Broadway

  • The Basics: Located right near the Denver Art Museum, the Art Hotel, and is right in the middle of central downtown. The event space is the rooftop of the complex and with the rental, you can choose to have access to up to three suites on the top level. They're great as getting ready spaces, or somewhere to have snacks and a "cool-down" from the party on the top level. It probably maxes out at 75 guests and would be geared more towards a mingling, cocktail-party style event, than a full sit down dinner. 
  • Pros: It's a VERY unique venue. I know of nothing else like it in Denver! The views are insane and the vibes are super cool. Who doesn't want their wedding to be a rad rooftop party! They include an amazing sound system with the venue, so you can just plug in a iPod, or make it super easy on your DJ to set up. They also are totally prepared for any Colorado weather with a genius modular tent set up. The whole roof can be split into up to three tented rooms, or left completely open... or ANYTHING in between. It's not a tacky circus tent either... it's mounted on a custom-designed bracket system and is super high-quality material! i.e. the classiest tent you've ever seen. The owner is also very flexible about bringing in your own vendors, booze, even food trucks! Woot!
  • Cons: It's six stories up and there are only two elevators that guests have access to... otherwise it's the six staircases! 

3. Wash Park Studio

  • The Basics: Located in the Wash Park neighborhood (it's in the name!) and reasonably maxes out at about 75 for a seated dinner. You can have about 110 for a cocktail reception though! My favorite part about the venue is the shuffleboard room downstairs. It's a small fee to add it, but so worth it!
  • Pros: Really unique and flexible space. It's great for people like you and me who want a blank canvas to design their event around, rather than the venue dictating what you can do. The exposed brick elements are lovely, and the window light couldn't be better! There's a great built in sound system and the owner is all about live music. He sticks around during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly. 
  • Cons: The outside isn't the prettiest place in the world, but that really isn't a dealbreaker in my book. There is a kitchen that you can see behind the bar area, but if it bothers you, there's nothing a little pipe'n'drape can't fix ;)

4. Mile High Station

  • The Basics: This BEAST of a venue is located underneath the highway near the football stadium. It's one of my favorite places to embrace the urban grunge and the parking lot gets some surprisingly cool light in the evenings. The inside is dark, moody, and full of industrial elements. The two edison bulb chandeliers that light the upper balconies are spectacular and like no-where else. It holds something like 300 people... space is not going to be an issue for anyone there! 
  • The Pros: Brick. Metal. Grunge. The coolest bar ever. The coolest chandeliers ever... I could go on and on about this place, truly. If you have your ceremony there, the lighting for the side ceremony is top notch and there's plenty of space for everything to happen in the same venue! 
  • The Cons: If you're not having a wedding of at least 150 people... the space will seem gigantic and too much for what you need. They also make most of their money from football season, so you can't reserve it for game-day dates and they have a weird reservation policy before they announce the football season home-games. 

5. Blanc

  • The Basics: An amazing urban sanctuary, Blanc has multiple places to party in and enough rooms that you can host your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception in different spots! It's best to stick at around 115 guests to make best use of all the different spaces. They have a great virtual tour on their website that does a good job of showing you around. I like that they've painted a lot of the "urban details" white to give it a cleaner and brighter look. 
  • The Pros: The look is amazing, the ceremony site is unlike any other urban venue, and the space is really customizable. 
  • The Cons: Parking is a bit of a pain, and like Wash Park Studio, there aren't many outside areas to use for photos, etc. However, the interior makes up for it 10x over!