Advice // 10 tips to Design the Best Harry Potter Themed Wedding

The summer of 2001 was a special year... I was 11 years old and was ready. I'd been preparing for this day for the last 3 years of my life. I was going to Hogwarts. Dumbledore was going to write me a letter on crisp parchment with my name penned in glossy green calligraphy. I checked the mail every day for all of July AND August to look for my Hogwarts letter, scanned the night sky for owls every night before bed. 

Alas, my letter never came. But, believing in that magic more than I ever believed in Santa or the Tooth Fairy is not a feeling that goes away, and I still love Harry Potter and the world that JK Rowling created with my whole heart! Now, Harry Potter has morphed into a symbol for those who believe in a little bit of magic, connected with a kid who was a bit of an outcast in his normal life, and see the world a little differently. It's so special to the people who still love and follow it that I've even seen it incorporated into weddings! Yes, Harry Potter themed weddings. You might imagine it as an event full of cloaks and wizard hats, but there are ways to incorporate it that aren't as outlandish and traumatizing to your grandparents. Here are some fun ideas for incorporating a little magic into your wedding celebration! 

**This post contains links that I get a small kickback for recommending to you. BUT, I don't include anything that I wouldn't buy myself, and fully vet anything I include.**

**This post contains links that I get a small kickback for recommending to you. BUT, I don't include anything that I wouldn't buy myself, and fully vet anything I include.**

#1 Bouquet Alternatives

I think wedding bouquets are a great tradition to rethink and make more unique to you! My first thought for a Harry Potter themed wedding would be to ditch flowers all together, and give each of your wedding party members a custom wand! Maybe they each have a different character they love, or a wand that they remember wanting. These replica Harry Potter wands are super legit (made by Universal Studios), come in different styles for a ton of characters, and have a super fab box with literature so these could double as gifts for your peeps too! 

#2 Book Decorations

I've seen books at weddings in all sorts of different capacities before! Whether as table decorations, ring boxes, or props for photos, there are a ton of ways to incorporate your favorite HP books into the wedding. Check out this vendor on Etsy who will make pages from your book into flowers you can use throughout your wedding. 

#3 Vows

You can make your vows more personal by adding some of your favorite quotes from HP, or find a fun book for you both to read your vows from during your ceremony. You could write letters to each other leading up to the big day, and make the book a keepsake of your wedding memories. I love how sleek and understated this replica of Tom Riddle's Diary is. Only the hard core fans would get the reference, and that sometimes makes it way more special. 

Now for all the accessories!!!

#4 Tie Pins

For those members of your wedding party wearing suits, these fab "deathly hallows" tie pins are sure to be a hit (and again, double as a gift they could wear again). 

#6 Cufflinks

In the same vein, I LOVE these Platform 9 3/4 Cufflinks

#7 Always

If you're a Harry Potter fan and you don't know about Alex and Ani's gorgeous jewelry... say goodbye to your budget for the month. I have earrings and rings galore from them, and absolutely adore this "Always" bracelet. Could be a gift to your wedding party, or a gift for your new partner in crime! 

...The most important wedding day beverage


Harry Potter + Beer = A very happy Kate. If you feel the same way I do, these Muggle, Squib, Wizard! pint glasses could be super cute as your special glasses for the evening, or as a toasting vessel for your bridal party... or just because they're amazing. I definitely become a wizard after a tasty (butter) beer. 

#9 More Beer

So I don't know about you, but I use all my old growlers and bombers as flower vases around my house... well, how about these Deathly Hallows growlers for your wedding centerpieces. How cute would it be standing on top of a pile of books with a flower made from your favorite book in the top! Crap, I need to get married again now *facepalm.* 

#10 Butter Beer

Confession, two of these are in my amazon cart right now (one for me, one for my favorite Harry Potter fan). Beer bottle openers that say "Accio (Butter) Beer." Again, a super cute gift or favor, especially if you're having some of your favorite brews featured at the wedding!

If you made it all the way through this article... here's a freebie for you. That quote by Snape that always brings tears to my eyes? You know the one... "After all this time?" "ALWAYS." *sobs* Well, did you know they make shoe stickers specifically for weddings of that quote?? I didn't either. But you're welcome ;) 

Sooooo.... can I pretty please photograph your Harry Potter themed wedding? If yes, click here to get in touch with me :) 


That awesome scarf and hat from the header photo: Sunshine's Whimsy

The Slytherin shirt that the guy in the photo is wearing: The Dream Societee

Want your hair dyed Gryffindor house colors? Contact: Spoilers Salon