Boulder Engagement Photos | Laura + Brett

I knew Laura and Brett were "my people" the first time they emailed me... not because they said they loved hiking, fitness, and were down to earth and awesome... though I guess that was a pretty good start, but because she wrote the entire email from the perspective of their adorable dog, Tucker. He said "Woof woof! My humans would love to have some photos of me..." and I was sold!!! We talked at the session about what a perfect temperature test that was! Only true dog lovers wouldn't have thought it was the cutest thing ever. 

We decided to take their photos right at the base of the foothills in Boulder, Colorado! It was perfect (apart from the cow pies that Tucker decided were delicious) and I loved the way the mountains looked all hazy. Brett and Laura are snuggly, giggly, and obviously crazy about each other! It was so much fun to capture their family (furry kiddo included) and can't wait to see how their wedding planning comes along in the next few months. The Manor House is the front runner for the venue at the moment! Keep your fingers crossed that their perfect date is still available! 

Enjoy the photos!