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Someone decided at some point that all us wedding vendors should force people into phone calls to get pricing information. What the heck is that? I know you're busy people who ain't got time for that in this crazy world, so all my wedding photography pricing stuff is below. 

I also would never dream of telling you that you can't have 8 hours of photography without an album, or that you have to get a second person to tag along if you don't need it. So, build whatever you want!! If you need help brainstorming and planning it out, I’m here for you.

You can play around with my package builder below to get a sense of my pricing. But, I LOVE chatting to you about it as well. Together we can work out how best to balance your priorities, your budget, and your wedding day timing so you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • Once we finalize the best coverage for you, I’ll send you a link to a booking portal with a questionnaire, agreement, and online payment invoice. Your initial payment (and retainer fee to lock in the date) is $1,000 but the rest of the payment options are flexible.

  • Touch base as much as you want while you are planning! I love hearing your ideas or am happy to give other vendor recommendations.

  • About two months before the wedding we will start planning your final timeline details and work out what the most important moments of your wedding are for me to photograph.


  • I start editing all of your photos, and will send you a link to your online gallery about a month after your wedding date. You will also get a print release for your images so that you can take your full resolution files anywhere to print them.

  • Live happily ever after with wedding photos you love!

Scroll down to build your perfect wedding package!


pricing calculator



As many or as few as you want. The beauty of a custom designed package is that you get exactly what you need. Typically this works well as a guideline:

  • 4 Hours | Small, intimate, or non-traditional weddings not following a “traditional” timeline

  • 6 Hours | Works well for a mid sized wedding that follows the normal wedding timeline; ceremony, cocktails, dinner, & dancing

  • 8 Hours | Works well for a larger wedding that follows the normal wedding timeline, but adds some logistical elements; multiple locations, first look + extra photo time, long family shotlists, or multicultural all day events.


If you know you’re going to want some amazing quality prints from your wedding, grabbing this up front gets you a little bit of a discount. You can split it however you want on prints and albums after you see all your photos!


I strongly recommend one for getting ready in separate locations, large guest counts (over 125), or multiple events happening in separate locations. Many people opt for the 4 hour option as it allows for the second photographer to be there for the most important parts of the day!