Pre-Wedding Shenanigans

Cads about matrimony

Need a fun activity for pre-wedding shenanigans? Something to stop you from talking about wedding planning all the time with your partner? Do you LOVE Cards against Humanity? This is for you! Not officially sanctioned by CAH, but just as fun nonetheless, check out this wedding themed card game! They also offer a PDF download of the game for free if you’d rather spend half an hour with a paper cutter than spend the $25 for the real cards! Check out their site for more purchasing options and the hilarious “maternity” follow on version.

Wedding Day Essentials

Wedding survival kit #1

Everyone needs some version of a wedding day emergency go bag. If you have a planner, they definitely have one, but why not keep some extra stuff on hand anyway? This is one of my favorite options out there as it has the most useful stuff, and isn’t white and covered in gold sequins. It fits perfectly in whatever bag you are already toting around with your phone, wallet, and keys in it! My sister (and amazing leader of my wedding party) had a big tote bag with all sorts of stuff in it, including this guy! We used the lotion, lint roller, safety pins, static guard, shout wipes, bobby pins, AND scissors on the wedding day #worthit. This one is a little more geared toward the needs of people who identify or dress as women, but another version of it is linked below!

wedding day survival kit #2

See above for why having one or two of these at your wedding is important! This is the version geared towards the needs of people who identify as or dress as men! If you switch it up or don’t identify with either, I would take a look at both, see which one has stuff that’s more useful for you, and ignore the labels ;) Or, go build your own!