let's start off with the really important stuff, shall we? 

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Luke and Leia (aka Luke Spookum and Leia-guuuurl). They're both shelter rescues and pitbulls, but otherwise are complete opposites. She's gregarious and outgoing, he's a total introvert who loves snuggles more than anything else. Believe it or not, they're totally integral to my business. Without their snuggles while I edit, I would never get anything done! For the record I'm totally comfortable accosting a stranger to pet their dog...

So... if you meet them, don't ever tell them this. But Luke is my favorite child... he was neglected/abused before we adopted him at eight months, and the rehabilitation process with him has forged a very special connection between us. He's my shadow and you can always find him curled up at my feet or next to me on the couch. He insists that he gets the middle spot between my husband and eye on the sofa and on the bed. We give in mostly because him "insisting" is either him staring at us with every ounce of PITY ME he has in his soul (which is a lot) or pacing around the room shooting us dirty looks. Also, he believes that that bathroom is a very dangerous place for me to go alone, and I must be supervised at all times. My husband gets a lot of snapchats while I pee of him curled up on the bathmat. 

Leia is 100% our princess and has her dog-dad wrapped around her paw. She loves every person she meets SO much that she must run to them, flip onto her back right as she hits your feet, and wiggle upside down until you've given her belly rubs for at least 20 minutes. If you stop even slightly sooner than that, you will be punished with aggressive head butts and wiggles. It was this behavior that made Scotty and I realize we couldn't leave the shelter without her. That... and her EARS. Do you see them? They are fully pricked most of the time, but go into "yoda mode" or "seal mode" depending on her mood swings. She loves fetch probably more than any dog I've ever seen, and would gladly kill herself from overheating or oxygen deprivation before she stops playing. 

UPDATE AS OF MAY 2018: We have a third member of our pack, who of course is named Obi Wan—He isn’t a dog, but a hippo-turtle-lion hybrid, and in fact responds to “HIPPO” faster than he does his own name. He has the biggest head in the world, and loves to rest it on top of your face while you’re sleeping. His priorities in life are growling at every trespassing small creature in our yard, hanging out with us at breweries, and sleeping. He spends about 22 hours a day napping in different places all over the house. He’s the “puppy” but Leia at 4 still has approximately 10,000 times the amount of energy that he does. His eyes also point different directions…more-so when he’s upset with you about not sharing your dinner with him.


If you want to see more... they totally have an instagram account. You should go follow them!

...moving on 

The next most awesome, amazing, magical thing in my life is my incredible husband Scotty (aka Marbles). His nickname came from some escapades in college that I will not regale you with at the moment, but that was around the time the two of us first met. It took a few missed opportunities to get us together: I asked a friend about him who said he was emotionally unavailable because of some bad times with an ex-girlfriend, and I totally botched a perfect spin-the-bottle moment because I was too drunk to know who I was kissing. Oh, take me back to being a college student.

Anyway, FINALLY when we were both 20 we got together and were inseparable from minute one. We didn't spend anytime apart in the first week we were "dating" and haven't since when we've had the choice. We are best friends and soulmates and I am grateful for him every day. We got married in 2015 and in the same year (heck, in the same stretch of months) we bought a house, adopted Leia, and got married (in that order). We adore traveling the world together more than anything, and snuggling on the couch with the pibbles is our favorite weeknight activity (see below for proof). You can also find us hiking the front range, hanging at breweries and wine bars, or eating a fancy dinner somewhere that makes something we can't.  We are big foodies (and drinkies) who love trying anything new, strange, or trying all the places that make a dish until we find the best place to eat it. Ramen was our most recent quest!


As you can tell... there have been quite a few phases of beard growth and shaving over the years. He just finished his longest beard yet of about a year and a half! He just shaved it all so he looks much more like the Scotty in our wedding photos rather than ZZ Top. 

time for the nerd things…

So many people don’t realize this about me on a first impression, and many other nerds are astonished that I am one of them. But I am unbelievably obsessed with magic (Harry Potter, Earthsea, The Kingkiller Chronicles, LOTR…), Sci-Fi (Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who…), and all the games (Magic the Gathering, Skyrim, LARPing, and more). I will proudly beat down my friends during a Harry Potter Trivia event, spend hours discussing the nuances of a philosophical episode of Star Trek, and endlessly talk theories about the next Song of Ice and Fire novel (Game of Thrones, as it’s more commonly known thanks to HBO). Most of Scotty and I’s time with our friends is spent playing some kind of game, watching a nerdy TV series, or chatting about a recent episode of a podcast we all listen to.

Exhibit A: Evidenceof recent nerdiness

Exhibit A: Evidenceof recent nerdiness

Exhibit B: 10 years ago working at a LARPing camp for kids

Exhibit B: 10 years ago working at a LARPing camp for kids

Do you want to meet my dogs now?