How did I get here?

I remember when my husband and I first started planning our wedding. We were sitting next to each other on the plane home from Mexico (where my hubby proposed) with my moleskin notebook in our laps putting together the biggest party of our lives. I still feel sorry for the guy who had to sit next to us for the 4 hour trip. Those were moments of elation and excitement. When we got home and actually started looking for vendors, a sinking feeling hit me. Where were the vendors I imagined who wanted to collaborate on something unique and exciting? Where were the ones who were just like us and wanted to make sure our wedding was what we wanted? It seemed like every vendor wanted to rope us into a sale-sy phone call and would then email me daily trying to get me to book them. HELLO. I have a life! I still get emails from some of those vendors offering me a “free dinner for two.” Yikes.

Let me tell you, it took me a long time to find the good people. They are few and far between in this industry. When I decided it was time to jump in and ramp up my business, I knew that I wanted to do things differently.

So how is the hunt for a wedding photographer going?

I know what it looks like out there on the internets, and I see a lot of the same old poses. Stiff, awkward, with people's heads tilted at that perfect 45 degree angle with a totally blank expression on their faces. I see Pinterest and Instagram trends come and go as fast as a mosquito’s life span. If you looked through any of my work, or read any of my site so far, you know that’s the last thing I want for you on your wedding day.  

If you’re still here, and still reading, I know you aren't the kind of couple that’s having a traditional cookie-cutter wedding. You don’t want a photographer barking orders at you all day in order to get the perfectly lined up family portrait – heads together, smiling stiffly at the camera with a look behind their eyes that screams “make it stop!” Maybe, you’re like me, and want and experience that looks similar to what I wanted.

I’m aslo a total weirdo and love hats—especially ones that look like forest animals.

I’m aslo a total weirdo and love hats—especially ones that look like forest animals.

here’s the good news…

You found a photographer who wants to make sure your wedding photos are true to your authentic selves, who will make sure your voice is a huge part of your wedding, and will document your day with honesty and love.

I’m a photojournalist at heart, so rather than spending the day yelling at you and your family members, I want to be as unobtrusive as possible and let you experience your wedding day as it happens. I’ll be ready and waiting, like a fly on the wall, for the beautiful moments that unfold between you and your loved ones as you get ready for your ceremony. I’ll be watching your best friends during the ceremony and catch when they laugh or cry, and make sure to get candids and dancing photos galore at your party!

I want to spend time getting to know the both of you in a genuine way. I want you to look at your wedding photos and see exactly who you and your darling are. I will authentically document the crazy whirlwind of emotions that is your wedding day. I’m not interested in having you fake a kiss or a smile. The fact that you’re crazy about each other is the freaking coolest. I’m not going to tell you how to show that.

I have also photographed over 300 weddings and been published on Artfully Wed, Rocky Mountain Bride, and Offbeat Bride. That experience means nothing will phase me on your wedding day. Along with experience, I got a BFA in photography and studied painting, drawing, and sculpture. I approach photography with art in mind, and strive to create something that will be an art piece to hang on your wall after all is said and done.

I keep everything 100% transparent. I can't express in words how frustrated I got with sneaky fees, salespeople hiding costs until it was time to sign a contract, and no one giving me a straight answer during the planning process. So, as a breath of fresh air for you, everything is on my site, and I keep everything pretty clean cut.   


If you didn’t catch it on the first page, I also want to reiterate that all love and all humans are valid. All humans deserve love, beautiful photographs, and vendors who celebrate them and their relationships. I spent too long as a Bi woman in a relationship with a man believing that I wasn’t a valid part of the queer community or the straight one, and I learned how important inclusivity is.

Still in? Let’s chat!!! I want to know all about the decorations you’re planning to make out of your favorite Harry Potter book, about what you’re doing at your reception to make it the best party ever, and what your favorite beer is.

Let me show the world what's important to you, and capture your genuine, authentic, gaga-for-each-other love. Into it? Email me by clicking here. Want some more deets? Click the button below!